Beaver Fleming is a 22 Year old Professional Skateboarder from Knoxville, TN.
His dream, drive, and love for skateboarding took him to California
where spent a few years living and training at Woodward West.
Beaver picked up a skateboard when he was 10 and has been hooked ever since.
Through his middle and high school years he competed in local and national 
contest all over the states and at the age of 17 with help and support form his parents 
moved to California in pursuit of his dream of becoming a professional.
He attended Woodward U for his senior year of High School,
and during his last semester he was asked by Travis Pastrana to join the 
Nitro Circus crew on tour in Australia in 2012. 
He has been traveling the world with them ever since and continues to 
compete at events and do demos as well as skating as much as he can 
to keep pushing himself and the sport of skateboarding hoping to inspire the world to pursue what they are passionate about.